How to correctly measure your body size

So that your wedding dress fits you perfectly, your exact body measurements are required during the ordering process. In the following blog post we will show you how to measure your dimensions correctly. It is best if you get help during the measurement process. Please do not take the measurements on yourself, there is a risk that the measurements will be incorrect. In addition, it is essential that the measurements are taken in a standing position. Please note one thing, if you are unsure between two sizes, take the larger one. Because especially dresses with lace can usually not be sewn further after adjustments, in the worst case the tailor can still sew them closer. Please also make sure that the measuring tape is not too tight on the body. And even if you still have a diet ahead of you before the wedding, please enter realistic values ​​in the fields. To prepare, you need a tape measure, matching underwear and, if possible, your wedding shoes. Here ( you will find additional pictures that will make it easier for you to take measurements. Have fun measuring!

In the following table you will find the typical standard dimensions that you can use as a guide.

Chest circumference
To measure your chest, the tape measure must be passed around your back and under your arms. It is important that you stand upright. At the front, the measuring tape should run around the largest point of your chest (usually the nipples). To get the right measurements, you should wear your wedding underwear or a similar bra when taking measurements.

Chest depth
The depth of the chest is measured vertically from the shoulder point (shoulder roof bone) or the base of the neck to the tip of the chest. Please be sure to wear a bra when measuring your chest depth.
Under bust
The underbust circumference is measured horizontally just below your chest along the chest. Breathe in and out naturally. Make sure that the measuring tape is wrapped around the chest in a relaxed manner – it must not be too tight or too loose.

waist size
When measuring the waist circumference, the measuring tape must be placed around your waist between your lowest rib (costal arch) and the upper edge of your hip bone (iliac crest). The tape measure should be at the level of your belly button and as straight as possible around your body. In the case of somewhat corpulent figures, the largest part of the abdomen should be measured if possible.

Hip circumference
When measuring your hip circumference, stand up straight and place your feet hip-width apart. The hip circumference is measured horizontally, at the widest point of your hips or your buttocks. Typically, this is about 6 to 8 inches below your waist.

Upper part length
This measurement determines the length of your dress top. You can therefore also take this measurement from a well-fitting dress. If you don’t have one at hand, you can use a piece of string to find the end of the top. To do this, tie a string around the point where the upper part of your wedding dress should end. This is usually at the level of the navel.

Shoulder width
You measure your shoulder width from the left to the right upper edge of the shoulder (outer edge of the shoulder bone). If possible, place the measuring tape along the course of the shoulder. Tip: You can use the distance between two sleeve seams of a blouse as a guide.

Length from the collarbone to the floor
Use the tape measure on your collarbone to measure the length from your collarbone to the floor. For this it is important that you stand straight and stretched out. Please also wear your wedding shoes or similar high shoes when taking measurements.

Dress length
Your dress length is measured vertically and is the measurement from the armpits to the floor, or the desired length of your dress. In order to be able to measure this measurement, it is important that you wear your wedding shoes or similarly high shoes when taking measurements. Tip: A top will help you to find the starting point. This is about 1-3 cm below the armpits. You can determine how many centimeters you want to see under your armpits.

To do this, stand straight with your feet and your back against the wall. You measure your height from head to toe. Please wear your wedding shoes or similar high shoes here as well.

Sleeve length
To measure your sleeve length, the tape measure must be placed from the edge of the shoulder (outer edge of the shoulder bone) to the desired arm length with the arm slightly bent. You only need these measurements if you are designing a dress with sleeves. A little tip: Wear a top with your desired sleeve length as a guide.

Upper arm circumference
When measuring your upper arm, keep your arms loose and slightly bent. You measure your upper arm circumference or biceps at the widest part of your upper arm. As a precaution, there should still be a finger’s width between the arm and the measuring tape. In order to obtain a perfect result, please take the measurements on the larger upper arm. This is mostly on the right arm for right-handers and mostly on the left arm for left-handers. This measurement is also only required for dresses with sleeves.

Armhole circumference
For the armhole circumference, also known as the shoulder joint circumference, you measure once around from the shoulder edge over the armpits. You only need this measure for dresses with sleeves. Tip: Look at the seams on your top for orientation.
Wrist circumference
To measure the circumference of your wrist, place the measuring tape around the widest part of your wrist ankle. You only need this measure for dresses with sleeves. Tip: Here, too, you can look at the seams of your top for orientation.

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