What to do with the wedding dress after your wedding?

Hach, men are good! While we don’t know what to do with our wedding dresses, our grooms can still wear their wedding suits after the wedding. “You only get married once in a lifetime” – and yet you don’t want to pass on your own wedding dress, which is often expensive to buy. But what to do with the wedding dress after the wedding? We have some tips for you in this regard.

Store the wedding dress before the wedding

When you buy a & nbsp; Sehliasvie wedding dress, you will also receive a & nbsp; Sehliasvie clothes bag. This consists of a dark-tinted, air-permeable fabric, in which the wedding dress is protected from light, but is in good hands with a sufficient supply of air.

Sew or color the wedding dress

If you want to keep wearing your wedding dress on special occasions, dyeing or sewing around can be a suitable alternative for you to make the former dress look more suitable for everyday use. But get help from a professional tailor. Our partner tailors could also help you with this. You can find an overview of our partner tailoring shops here .

Sell wedding dress

Even if this is admittedly a somewhat pragmatic suggestion – have you ever thought of selling your wedding dress? Because how often will you actually fumble the dress out of the closet after the wedding? On the one hand, the sale of your wedding dress is sustainable, because the future bride saves resources for the new production of the dress and, on the other hand, you could bring joy to another future bride by selling it and earn at least a few euros.

Donate a wedding dress

There are now many initiatives that sew clothes for star children from donated wedding dresses. Volunteer tailors transform donated wedding dresses into beautiful dresses, suits or puck bags that the star children can wear to their funeral. Women can give their relatives and families recognition and a little bit of support by donating their own wedding dress. This is to help the grieving families through the most difficult time in their lives.

Take a look at the following initiatives: & nbsp;

A matter of the heart & nbsp; ( https://www.herzenssache-nfsuf.de/stoff-wolle-und -bridal dress donation / )

Himmelskinder & nbsp; ( https://www.himmelszüge.de/ )

Keep the wedding dress

If you do not want to part with your wedding dress for emotional reasons, there is still the option to keep your wedding dress. For example, you can then wear it again to a silver or gold wedding. However, there are a few things you should consider for storage:

  1. So that your wedding dress looks like new years after the wedding, you should first have it professionally cleaned after the wedding.
  2. After the professional textile cleaning, wedding dresses are often wrapped in plastic films. If the dress is not yet completely dry, mold spots can quickly form in air-impermeable packaging.
  3. Protect your dress from direct sunlight. UV rays cause fabric changes and yellowish discoloration.
  4. It’s better not to store your dress in the basement or in the attic. Especially in the basement there is a rather humid air climate, while in the attic it can quickly get very warm.
  5. However, storing your dress requires constant temperatures. Because of the heavy weight, the dress can quickly become deformed. Therefore, you shouldn’t hang your wedding dress on the clothes rail in the closet.

Wedding dress boxes, which you can store in the closet, are best suited for storage and protection from external influences. Wrap your wedding dress in colorless, pH-neutral tissue paper. The paper protects the wedding dress from light, dust and moth infestation. Don’t forget to take the dress out of the box at least twice a year to air it out.

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